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Dear prospective students!

Below is a list of questions that are most frequently asked when applying to our academy, and of course, all the answers provided. If you have a question that is not covered by in this list, you can find the answer in the "Baccalaureate" and "Prospective students" sections or by carefully examining the “General Rules of Admissions into the higher education institutions”, all links are available in the "Prospective students" section. If you still struggle to find the answers to your questions, you should contact the Admissions Office via the LIVE CHAT, or through the contacts listed in the ""Prospective students" section.

What is baccalaureate?

Baccalaureate - is the first, basic level of higher education, which lasts 4 years. It features practice-oriented training, which means that student receives fundamental training in a wide range of knowledge in the chosen direction. In addition, the undergraduate program includes basic information from other scientific areas. Bachelor's degree program does not provide close focus on a particular direction of study. Upon completion of training, graduates receive a diploma of higher professional education and are awarded the Bachelor’s degree.

 Is baccalaureate considered higher or incomplete higher education?

 Bachelor’s degree confirms the completion of higher professional education.

 What opportunities you will get with the Bachelor's degree?

 Bachelor's degree gives the graduates opportunity to apply for positions that require a diploma of higher education as minimum requirement. Bachelor's degree also enables you to continue your study in magistracy.

When does application to the Eurasian Law Academy start and when does Admissions Office closes?

The Admissions Office begins its work from June 20.

Applications for participation in Complex Testing are received from June 20 to July 9. It is conducted for secondary school graduates of the previous years, the graduates of primary and secondary vocational schools (colleges), secondary school graduates that studied abroad via international exchange program and did not participate in the UNT, as well as applicants who have graduated from foreign educational institutions. Complex testing (CT) will be held in the period of July 19th to 21st.

Admissions Office closes on August 25th.

 This year, I applied to another university to study the "Jurisprudence" major. I have 57 points in my UNT certificate, but the Admissions Office refused to accept my documents, stating that I scored only 6 points on World History test. Please advise, who is right in this situation?

Admissions Office is right, because according to the “Standard Rules for Admission into the Education institutions”, universities accept only those graduates who passed UNT or Complex Testing and who scored no less than 7 points on a profile subject ("World History” is the profile subject for major "Jurisprudence")

Should you pass Complex Testing to enroll into the program of distance education?

Yes. According to the “Standard Rules for Admission into the Education institutions” approved by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan №111, from January 18, 2012, paragraph 6 states that "College graduates when enrolling into university must pass a Complex Testing"

I have a degree in "Agriculture". Can I apply for a second degree in the "Jurisprudence" and how long I will have to study?

Yes. You can apply for the "Jurisprudence". Duration of study is 2 years.

I graduated from KazNPU in 2011 and I want to apply for a second degree. Please advise, is it necessary to provide a diploma with the transcript translated into three languages?

All who have graduated from higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan after 2009, when applying for a second degree must provide the transcript in three languages (English, Russian and Kazakh languages).

I live in Russia and I am willing to enroll into your academy, to the Faculty of Law. Can the citizens of Russia study at your academy and what entrance exams you need to pass for admission to this faculty?

Citizens of the Russian Federation can study in our academy. You need to provide documents to the Admissions Office in the period of June 20 to July 9, get a permission to participate in Complex Testing (CT), and then pass the CT in 4 subjects: Russian language, mathematics, history of Kazakhstan, the world history. You must score at least 50 points (no less than 7 points in world history)

I am a citizen of Russia. In 2011, upon applying for the second degree Admissions Office of one of the universities refused to accept my documents without a certificate of approval from the National Accreditation Centre that confirms recognition and nostrification of diploma. Please advise, is the decision of Admissions Office legitimate?

Yes. Because according to the paragraphs 13 and 22 of the “Rules of Recognition and Nostrification” all educational documents and certificates issued by foreign educational organizations are subject to procedure of recognition and nostrification.

Can part-time students live in student’s dormitory?

No. Dorms are available only to full-time students.

What is the minimum test score to entry into your academy?

According to the “Standard Rules for Admission into the education institutions”, approved by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 19, 2012 №111, graduates of secondary schools that have passed UNT test as well as participants of Complex Testing that have scored at least 50 points in the following subjects: Kazakh or Russian language, history of Kazakhstan, mathematics and selective subject. Selective subject score should be no less than 7 points, and in other subjects - at least 4 points.

In addition to the UNT (CT) whether I should take additional examinations for admission to ELA?

No, if you have a certificate of UnifiedNational Testing (UNT) or Complex Testing effective in 2020

Can I transfer to Bachelor's program of your academy from another university?

 The transfer for the Bachelor’s program available in the following majors: 5V030100 - Law (Jurisprudence), 5V030200 - International law, 5V030300 - Law enforcement, 5B030400-Customs Administration.

 According to the "Rules for the Transfer and Reinstatement of students in educational organization" from January 2015, students may transfer from one educational organization to another, from one form of study to another, from one language department to another, from one specialty to another.

 Whenstudents transfer or reinstatement the difference in academic disciplines which they have studied in the previous academic period should be calculated. Academic difference is calculated according to the list of disciplines studied, their programs and the total amount of academic hours or credits recorded in the transcript or in the certificate given to those who have not completed education.

 Transfer and Reinstatement should be done to the same year of study, if the academic difference in the Bachelor’s degree program is no more than 4 disciplines of compulsory component. To transfer from course to course student has to have minimum GPA score set by the Academy.

 Banking requisites

JSC “Bank Centercredit”


Bank account: KZ698560000007243196      


The Eurasian Academy of   Law named after D.A.Kunaev.                              

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Fax. 8-727-292-98-77

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.       

How many years it takes to complete Master’s program?

1 year - profile program

2 years - the scientific and pedagogical program (permitsyou to teach in educational institutions).

 What exams you need to pass toattend Master's program?

 You must pass two exams: Foreign language and interdisciplinary examination in selected specialty.

 When is the deadline for submission of documents to Master's program?

July 30, 2020.

When are the exams for Master's program?

 From 10thto 25th of August, 2020.

 When does submission of documents to Master's program start?

Applications to attendMaster’s program accepted from July 10 to July 30.

Do applicants who have a certificate of proficiency in a foreign language (English, French, German), for example - International English Language Tests System (IELTS), get an exemption from taking the foreign language exam for admission to master's and doctoral programs?

According to the Order of the Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan all who have a certificate of proficiency in foreign languages, and who got minimum score specified in the Order, are exempt from taking foreign language tests developed by the National Center for testing.

Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan with a certificate of proficiency in foreign language (English, French, German) such as: Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL, minimum score no less than 560), International English Language Tests System (IELTS, minimum score no less than 6.0), Grundbaustein DaF (minimum score no less than C 1), and Deutsche Sprachprfung fur den Hochschulzugang (DSH, minimum score no less than C 1), Diplome d'Etudes en Langue français (DELF, minimum scoreno less than B 2), Diplome Approfondi de Langue français (DALF, minimum score no less than C1) Test de connaisances de français (TCF, minimum score no lessthan 400), are exempted from taking entrance examination in a foreign language for Master’s program.

I want to apply to your Academy. I would like to know whether you have educational grants for the Jurisprudence?

The Academy provides the following grants:

- Grant of Academy Rector (5 grants)

- Through a special project called "UNT" organized by social entertainment webservice;

- grant through a partnership with the Museum of D.A. Kunayev.



Dear Colleagues!
Tuesday, 02 February 2021
The unquenchable flame of e-cigarettes
Tuesday, 22 December 2020
Announcement: dear colleagues and students!
Tuesday, 22 December 2020
International scientific and practical online conference
Thursday, 19 November 2020
international online round table on the topic: "Actual problems of European law."
Wednesday, 18 November 2020
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Monday, 09 November 2020
International conference in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Constitution
Tuesday, 25 August 2020
online Olympiad of 2nd-year students of the specialty "law Enforcement"
Friday, 24 April 2020

On the 19th of November in 2018 in the Eurasian Academy of Law named after D.A. Kunaev at the Department of «Economic and General Education Disciplines» organized a round table dedicated to the Day of Kazakhstan currency - tenge. The round table invited experts from the banking sector, such as JSC Nurbank and JSC Bankcentrcredit.

The event for the Day of the National currency on the theme: «The national currency is the pride of the nation»
Thursday, 03 January 2019

Holding on November 14, 2018 the national dictation in the Eurasian Law Academy named after D.A. Kunaeva.

«National dictation»
Wednesday, 14 November 2018

At the 12 November 2018 candidate of legal science, associate professor Abdilda D. Ә., as part of the discipline of Public International Law in the group KT 16 KB-2 held an open seminar on «International Legal Protection Of Human Rights».

Open Seminar on «International Legal Protection Of Human Rights»
Monday, 12 November 2018

At the 05 Nov 2018, candidate of legal science, associate professor Abdilda D. Ә., as part of the discipline «Actual Problems Of International Law» in the groups of MPM 18 PO-1, 2 held an open seminar on the theme «The Main Problems Of Legal Regulation Of Diplomatic Relations».

Open Seminar on «The Main Problems Of Legal Regulation Of Diplomatic Relations»
Monday, 05 November 2018

On 02.11.2018 in 702 audiences Alpysbayeva E.S., a teacher of the department «Constitutional, International and Customs Law» held an open seminar with a group of KB-3 KT-18 on the topic «Direction and sectors of professional legal activity» in the subject «Introduction to the specialty».

Open Seminar on «Direction and sectors of professional legal activity»
Friday, 02 November 2018

September 20, 2018 at the D. Kunayev Eurasian Law Academy. Holiday Qazaqstan Halqy TilderI Kuni.

Holiday «Qazaqstan Halqy Tilderi Kuni»
Friday, 12 October 2018

The 28 th of September 2018 year was held an open event. The purpose of the event was to attract interest in knowledge state language, the study other languages of the peoples inhabiting in Kazakhstan.

Event «Тілім менің – тұғырым»
Monday, 08 October 2018
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